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The Graduate Plan operates under Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4, Target 4.7, and Indicator 4.7.1 with the goal of accomplishing two fundamental objectives:


Promote the United Nations 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals in the field.


Implement peacebuilding through Nonviolent Action and Communication based workshops.


“We must learn peace and teach peace so that we can be peace and live in peace”   

 - Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Diplomatic Training:

Students of the Graduate Plan will study diplomacy directly from working diplomats in addition to exploring the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the UN-2030 Agenda. Diplomatic Training will take place in United Nations Headquarters and Grounds Passes will be provided for all participants. Graduate Plan students will receive a certificate from the United Nations upon successful completion of their internship. 

Diplomatic Training will heavily focus on the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in addition to studying best practices for the Sustainable Development Goals to be implemented in society. 

Empowering youth is the core focus of the Graduate Plan. Student participants will be involved directly in Civil Society processes through training sessions, interactive activities, and dialogues with experts in multiple fields.

Field Training:

In addition to learning how to implement the values of the Sustainable Development Goals, students will be trained in peacebuilding, Nonviolent Action, and Nonviolent Communication. Trainings and values regarding the concept of nonviolence are the sole property and original authorship of Nonviolence International New York and have been carefully crafted through the organization’s own research.


Creation of Workshops

An overarching goal of the Graduate Plan is to empower youth leaders to take an active role in the betterment of local and international communities. The building of partnerships between students and their communities allows for greater opportunity to improve upon social development practices across multiple institutions. Participants of the Graduate Plan will accomplish these goals through applying their studies to the creation of teaching modules to be given and taught to educators throughout New York City.

Students will build learning modules for primary and secondary educators centered on the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals, nonviolence, and building sustainable peace. The workshop’s curriculum will be entirely based off the content learned in Diplomatic and Field training. Through educating New York City students and educators, participants of the Graduate Plan will exemplify and encourage the social and political involvement of young people.

The sharing of student-created modules will help foster a local and international dialogue between teachers of varying locations to improve upon implemented practices. Implementation of these modules further accomplishes Target 4.7 and Indicator 4.7.1 under SDG 4, as well as SDG 16 and 17. In this way, the work completed by students of the Graduate Plan puts them at the forefront to creating lasting and impactful solutions to global issues.


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