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Peace and Conflict at
the United Nations

Learn about the United Nations and how it's systems work 


  • Ignite a better understanding of international governmental affairs

  •  Promote better critical thinking.

  • Connects ideas together for the global community 

  •  A strong foundational understanding about how international relations are performed

  • How institutions like the United Nations are organized

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Makhlukar Khan


Makhluk has served longtime as an academician (Group Captain) in Bangladesh Air Force and the United Nations experienced on conflict management. Having participated in UN peacekeeping missions in DR Congo and Haiti after obtaining Masters of Science, Masters of Defense Studies and PhD in political science degrees from Universities in Bangladesh. Additionally he, graduated from Institute of Peace Support Operations (UN affiliated), Defense Services Command & Staff College in Bangladesh, Air Force Command College in China.  A widely traveled person who exchanged views with academia, military think-tanks and government high officials on global and regional issues in many countries.  Makhluk has participated in seminar/academic/strategic events in the United Nations Headquarters, Korean National Defense University (South Korea), Japan International Cooperative Associations (Japan), Center for Research & Development (Sri Lanka), German Parliament (Germany), Nepal Defense Forces Headquarters, China Air Force Command College, Air Force Academy in Turkey and Eastern Command Headquarters in India etc. He also worked as an academic adviser of BUP University and Chief Executive in other educational and military institutes.


He received commendation/appreciation/medal from the United Nations, UN Force Commander from the USA, Bangladesh Government & Air Force, Sri Lankan Government. 


At present, he is working with Nonviolence International New York as the Director of International & Civil-Society Research.


It is growingly important for people to be aware of how institutions like the United Nations are organized considering how fast the world is changing. Having a strong foundational understanding about how international relations are performed is a profound skill that enhances your world view and critical thinking capacity. 


Background and legal basis of the United Nations, Its Purpose and Charters ; Functions of Principal Organs of the UN and UN lead Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


After providing this context on the mechanics of the United Nations the course will transpose with the UN’s Spectrum of Peace and Security, its Peacekeeping and conflict prevention strategy, and finally its Main Bodies involved in Peacekeeping.

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This course is prepared by Nonviolence International New York, a global innovative organization with an emphasis on advocacy, education, and communication. It conducts and produces important research on a growing number of issues, including peace, disarmament, and American politics, as well as operates an extensive internship program within the United Nations. 

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